A Mini Review About The Smashing Four Game

About Game

The smashing four games are being played by millions of people worldwide and it is one of the most popular strategy games ever made for mobile gaming platforms. The game came out somewhere in the mid of 2018 and it has been developed and published by Geewa. This is the most successful game for this franchise and after playing this game you might know as well why it became the most successful game for them.

The game rules are quite simple and the gameplay is very interesting yet very easy to understand. There are two teams who play against each other and try to defeat them as quickly as possible. There are four heroes in every team and they play in the game arena and after winning the game you get trophies and other game points as your rewards.

About Arenas

There are several arenas in the game starting from arena one which is named farm and it is the most basic arena where players can enhance their skills and learn how to play against the other teams. As the game progress and you move forward to the other arenas, the gameplay in arenas becomes more difficult and you have to develop a combination of heroes and a strategy to attack your enemy.

The most difficult arena is the last arena which is arena 9, named bambo castle. While playing in this arena you have to choose your most powerful combination of heroes as the player competing against you might have unlocked all the game potential by buying characters from the in-game store. So, if you have not upgraded your players recently in the game, try putting those players who are on the best in your deck.

About Heroes

With too many heroes in the gameplay, you might feel a little confused while choosing the best deck to put it into action against the enemies. To ensure your victory the best character cards should be chosen according to the arena. Choosing according to the arena is important as all the heroes have a unique ability and some even have some unique spells which can be good or bad, and putting the right hero in the right arena where he is at his best can be the best combination for you.

There are three categories of heroes, the first one is ordinary which has level 5 heroes and you can upgrade them by purchasing character cards from the in-game store. The second category has rare heroes, which have a level 3 rank and at the last, you got epic characters who are on level 1. As you progress through arenas, you get your heroes unlocked with every arena you clear.

About Game Currencies And Rewards

The game offers you many freebies like gems, trophies, gold, and coins as a reward and you can even buy them from the in-game store. The in-game store is not made for everyone as you have to purchase every single thing from that store so many people do not use the store to buy stuff. Instead, people use the hacks and modded apk version to collect all these things for free. Download smashing four mod apk with unlimited gems and can get anything you want from the in-game store because the gems are the rarest and most required currency of the game. After using this hack you can easily upgrade your characters.

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