Benefits Or Risk Of Feeding Bananas To Bearded Dragons

Bananas are of great nutritional substance and adding them to your diet is an awesome thought however feeding a human and feeding a creature has a type of difference and if you are feeding a reptile it accompanies some preventive measures. Significantly bearded dragon proprietors consistently ask Can my bearded dragons eat banana? Well, the answer is yes yet in a restricted amount. 

Benefits of feeding Bananas to Bearded Dragons 

The delicate surface of bananas makes it easy for the dragons to crunch on. Bearded dragons can likewise eat the banana strip with no destructive results to their wellbeing. 


Bananas have a high dampness content, offering bananas to your bearded dragon will help in hydration particularly for bearded dragons that don’t drink water easily. It is imperative to keep bearded dragons hydrated as drying out can influence them adversely. Moreso, bearded dragons that are shedding. 

As a general guideline a 300g bearded dragon should drink about 10ml every day, this sum includes water obtained from the food as well as immediate drinking. However, you ought not to make bananas an occasional treat for bearded dragons as an excessive amount of water can cause looseness of the bowels in dragons. 

Beta Carotene 

Despite the fact that not in exceptionally high sums, bananas particularly sweet bananas have some satisfactory degrees of beta-carotene for your dragon pet. Since offering significant levels of vitamin A can bring about Vitamin A poisoning. Offering beta carotene is fitting as dragons can change it over to vitamin A in the sums that they need. 


Despite the fact that not in high sums bananas contain proteins. Whereas you ought not to substitute creature protein with protein contained in bananas. Banana servings can fill in as a wellspring of some protein to your bearded dragon. 

Dangers Of Feeding Bananas To Bearded Dragon 

Phosphorus To Calcium Ratio 

Bananas have a high measure of phosphorus contrasted with calcium. A 100g serving of banana contains about 22mg of phosphorus when contrasted with only 5mg of calcium. A high measure of phosphorus in a bearded dragon diet can forestall the bearded dragon body from absorbing calcium.

High Sugar Content 

Bananas have probably the most elevated level of sugar content. High sugar content isn’t alright for bearded dragons. Another worry with a lot of sugar in the bearded dragon diet is that sugar ruins the teeth of bearded dragons. 

A bearded dragon with ruined teeth cannot be in a situation to take care of well particularly when it’s feeding on insects that require some crushing. An ineffectively feeding dragon will in the long run surrender to chronic weakness conditions that may prompt death. In this way keep the banana servings low and uncommon. 

Given the dangers of bananas outweigh the benefits particularly for infant and adolescent bearded dragons that need all the assistance they can get regarding nutrition there are preferable alternatives over feeding bananas. You may pull off offering bananas to grown-up bearded dragons now and again however I would prescribe sticking to more secure and nutritious foods for more youthful dragons. 


Like most different fruits and veggies, for example, grape seeds, tea, espresso, chocolate, carrots, grapes, raisins, lettuce, spinach, rhubarb, and onions. Bananas also have tannin, tannin binds with protein, and hinders its retention into the assemblage of bearded dragons. 

Furthermore, tannin inhibits the activity of certain catalysts in the guts of bearded dragons consequently preventing the assimilation of iron and vitamin B12. Accordingly, just offer bananas to bearded dragons sparingly.

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