Brother Saves Life

“Your body is your home , your vessel in life. It needs to be respected and loved”-Iskra Lawrence

Bianca Simpkins is a seventeen year old high school girl. She lives with her parents, Mr and Mrs Simpkins and her younger brother Graham Simpkins in Montreal, Canada. She is a beautiful, stunning girl with serious ambitions and surely possess the strength and will power to fulfill them. Although Bianca seems to be s strong girl, she considers herself weak and not deserving of attention and love because she is a plus size girl. Bianca is very under confident and meek because of the weight she has. She feels ugly and disregarded because of her weight and thus, she is bullied in her school and sometimes, even by her parents.

Bianca has tried several things to lose her weight, like, crash diets, gymming, exercise, yoga and what not, but she was not able to lose weight. , She tried to shed it off so hard that she starved herself and therefore, was admitted to the hospital twice because of starvation, dehydration and exhaustion.  The sad part of Bianca’s life was that she herself was not aware that she was stunning. She could not see herself in the mirror because she was disgusted by her weight, she listened to the people who bullied her because she thought that they were right. Her brother Graham was the only one who thought Bianca was beautiful the way she was, he tried to motivate her everyday by saying nice things to her, but their parents always shunned Graham because they thought that Bianca would stop trying to lose weight and they further insulted Bianca thinking that it might motivate her to work harder.

One day, Bianca was going down the hallway to the canteen, she saw a bench in between to sit, that bench was purposely left empty because the kids of her class unscrewed it as a prank so that it breaks when Bianca would sit on it and things happened the same way as those notorious students wanted , as soon as Bianca sat on it, the bench broke and Bianca fell down, she was embarrassed of herself (as she though it was because of her weight) and hence, she ran out of the school towards her home. No one was at home as her parents were working and then, she thought of the unthinkable, she thought of committing suicide, as she wanted this embarrassment to be over, she made up her mind and thought of hanging herself from a rope, so she went into her brother’s room to get one, she frantically searched every nook and corner of the room and while searching for the rope, she found her brother’s assignment, it was an essay on ‘My Inspiration’ and Bianca saw her own picture on it. She stopped herself and read it, she had tears in her eyes, she never knew that she was a role model for her brother, she never knew that her resilience was what inspired her brother to be a better person. Just by reading this article, something changed in Bianca, she thought of getting counselling sessions for her self esteem and when she did, she changed for good.

Bianca was now a  much confident, strong and body positive woman, now she did not let people’s words affect her and as she grew confident herself as well as stopped feeling sorry about herself, people started changing too, they stopped teasing her and started treating her with respect. Bianca overcame her fear of getting teased and started a body positive fashion Instagram page which began with a sweet picture of Graham and her with an emotional brother caption. Although she still had some anxieties, she thanked Graham for starters because indirectly he was the one who pulled her out of her low point and drove her to love herself as she was.


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