All You Need To Know About The Rickshaws

Rickshaws are one of the major transportation mediums, particularly in Asian countries. Various kinds of rickshaws are available and now it has been used in commercial places as well. Now the modern rickshaws are taking place of the traditional rickshaws in countries like Indian and nearby nations whereas some rickshaws like auto-rickshaws are still very popular means of transport option for people who want to travel alone and get somewhere at a faster pace as compared to the electric rickshaws that are the most dominant rickshaws nowadays. Learn all about Rickshaws here and understand the most basic things related to them.

Brief History About Rickshaws

The word rickshaw was invented by Japanese people and in their language, it meant a transport pulled by humans. It was a human-powered vehicle at the start and the first-ever rickshaw was invented by the people of France in the late 17th century and at that time it was majorly used for carrying goods and transporting people from one place to another. The rickshaws in France were pulled by a horse whereas, in some places like in Japan, it was pulled by humans only. However, they are now very common in all the major continents of the world including Europe. Africa, some areas of Australia, USA, and Asia.

Rickshaws In Modern World

Although the rickshaws are now banned in many regions of Asia during the 1980s. But now they are widely used all over Asia with major cities like Jakarta and Delhi having the most number of different types of rickshaws. With the rise of environmental awareness among people, companies have now started manufacturing new and advanced technology-based rickshaws that run on environment-friendly fuel like the CNG or even the rickshaws that run on battery or electricity. Now, most of the rickshaws are eco-friendly but companies still offer the user the option to choose petrol or diesel variants for more power output, especially for the commercially operated rickshaws in the market.

Future of Rickshaws

Looking at the usage of rickshaws in the daily life of people for communicating from one place to another at a very cheap cost, we can say that the future is very bright for such rickshaws and those who are into the rickshaw business. All kinds of rickshaws, whether they are petrol, diesel, CNG or electric power based are operated in different sectors and they are used by almost every nation at some point. However, they are more employed in Asian nations with India being the more prominent user of these rickshaws. So, rickshaws here can be very successful in the future as well and their market will surely grow.

Most Popular Type Of Rickshaw Today

As we told you that all rickshaws are operated according to the situation and usage but The most common kind of rickshaws currently is the electric one’s which are the most commonly used vehicles now in all the Asian countries. They are used heavily nowadays as they have less operating costs, they are easy to buy, you do not need to do a lot of paperwork, they can carry 4-6 passengers at a single time and most importantly, you do not have to worry about your fuel expenses as it runs on a battery that can be recharged at your home only. They came as a replacement for the traditional rickshaws that were pulled by humans and now they have achieved their dominance over those human-pulled models.