Different Types Of Chests In Clash Royale Game

By winning every game throughout the virtual competitions, you are rewarded with various types of chests. Such chests bring you gold, diamonds, and different cards which you can incorporate into your combat list. Chest occurs in a lot of varieties, and each has its own items and benefits. Here is a list of all the clash royale chests that you may see.

Wooden Chest

Wooden Chests were rewarded by either a demonstration while a participant will be in the Training Camp which thus simply contains Training Camp Cards. Every other Wooden Chest includes three cards as well as Eighteen Gold, and it requires just 5 seconds to check.

Crown Chest

The Crown Box is available through Pass Royale after obtaining 10 Crowns in 1v1, Squad, Competitions, Big Event Opportunities, International Competitions as well as Gang Battles, but never with Training Camp, Friendly Fights, or Personal Competitions.

Silver Chest 

Silver Chests are by far the most popular form of a box that is earned via battles.  Throughout the 240-Chest Series, there are 180 Silver Boxes. Silver Boxes provide few more Popular Cards and also a Rare whether the gamer is in or beyond the Spell Valley.

Golden Chest 

Golden Chests are indeed the second greatest and famous box earned via fights. Each 240-Chest Series has 52 golden boxes. Golden boxes promise Two or even more Rare Items, based mostly on the user’s zone. 

Magic Chest 

Magical Chests are now the 3rd most frequent box earned via fights, close to Giant Boxes, but so much harder to find, unlike Golden & Silver boxes. Magical boxes offer two or maybe more Epic Cards, based mostly on the player’s battlefield, and also few other Rare Cards and Regular Cards. 

Giant’s Chest 

Giant Boxes are the third most popular box earned by combat, close to Magical Boxes, but it’s much harder to find than Golden Boxes or Silver Chests. Giant Boxes provide a nice range of Rare Cards as well as Regular Items and also have a strong odds of getting an Epic Item.

Epic Chest

Epic Boxes is among the three oddest boxes to have earned through fights, related to Super Lightning and Legendary Boxes. Epic Boxes could be purchased in exclusive sales from the Store between 3,000 to 10,000 gold focusing on the Zone, with relatively high Stadiums providing higher prices. 

Legendary Chest  

Legendary Chests have been one of the three noncommon chests to have captured after winning combat, similar to Super Lightning and Epic Boxes. Legendary Containers could be obtained through great deals that take place every couple of days when a person joins Zone 4 and above for 500 gems. 

Lightning Chest 

The Lightning Box and the Super Lightning Box serve the same purpose as any other box until the last card deck was being exposed. Afterward, the user can decide to swap unwanted card sets with another utilizing Chest’s “Strikes” by pressing the unwanted deck.

Fortune Chest 

In Battlefield 5 or just above, each Fortune Box offers users a preview into the possibilities and then see what the Box may have. It comprises at least two of the four piles that could be seen prior to opening; normally one pile for each rare item.

King’s Chest/The Legendary King’s Chest 

The King’s Box is accessible from battlefields 1-6 as well as features a significant variety of Epic Items but has no option among Cards. The Legendary King’s Box is eligible throughout battlefields 7-13 but also ensures one Legendary Item.

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