Easy Ways To Earn Money While Staying At Home In Dubai

Due to the arrival of this pandemic in the year 2020, many people were searching for jobs while they were locked in their homes. That period made everyone realize that people can even earn money while sitting at home from their laptop, mobile, or desktops. People who were stuck in other countries found it really difficult to survive as many people became jobless in that period and some of the people were not even employed. 

For people who were stuck in the Saudi region or in cities like Dubai, there are certain jobs that can bring lots of money for you while working from home itself. Even though many workplaces are open now, there is no guarantee about the future. So, better prepare a backup plan to earn something even when you are at home. The jobs mentioned here pay people even more than the actual jobs sometimes and you can calculate it with the help of the Dubai Salary Calculator if you are a working professional from Dubai. Let’s talk about those jobs then, read down about such jobs and choose the best job that you can do in your free time.

Youtube Videos

YouTube does pay to individuals who post videos on their channels based on the amount of viewership they have. You need to start by creating videos first. These videos can be about anything that you think people would like to watch. The most common ones being videos that teach cooking, baking, painting, make-up tutorials, stitching, product reviews, dance, latest technologies, and the list goes on and on. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money and to monetize one’s talent. Especially when people are sitting at home, they are very enthusiastic about learning new things.


Blogging can be done through various means such as WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube, or Blogger.  A professional blogger is one who has monetized their audience and blogs very regularly on their website. One can generate reviews through blogging by advertising, donations, content subscriptions, consulting, etc. People who blog for a company do it as a part of their employment and are often called content marketers. Both of these are great ways to earn money online. Blogging can be a very demanding and difficult stream of job initially and probably won’t pay you much for a few months. But if you are consistent, you can do wonders. Blogging can be the best way to make loads and loads of money online. 

Transcription Work

This job does not require much training or expertise. Anyone who has a good listening capacity and fast typing speed can do this. A transcriptionist basically converts speech (live or recorded) into a text. Medical professionals, businessmen, or legal areas require transcription services. In order to work in medical or legal fields, you need a certain degree/certificate to be eligible for the position. But to be a transcriptionist for a researcher or a journalist, no degree as such is required. There are various transcriptionists’ jobs available online that can be done from home. You can even register on websites such as www.transcribeme.com, www.rev.com, GMR transcription, etc to become freelancers.


 Freelance writers produce whatever text is demanded by their clients. They can have multiple clients and keep hopping between different genres of writing; according to the demand. There are various content writing opportunities available online that are ready to pay a generous amount if you are good at the job. You are essentially not an employee of any company but are working on your own. One can pick their area of expertise and a time that is most suitable for them. It is one of the best ways to earn money for youngsters who have a knack for writing.

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