Fifa Coin Generator Saves Friendship

Luna , Colin and Ted are best of friends and colleagues in an IT firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They do everything together, work together , have lunch together, they do stay backs together and Luna and Ted even stay together in an apartment. Colin lives with his parents as his mother’s health is not that good. Luna and Ted hang out with each other even on  weekends and call Colin to spend time with them.They usually went to dinners, enjoy amusement parks, go to the mall, play arcade games, Netflix and chill on weekends. They were absolutely inseparable.
One weekend the three of them made a plan of having lunch in a famous restaurant,which they wanted to book since a very long time.  So Colin reached there right on time and patiently waited for the two. He waited for about two hours but neither Luna nor Ted showed up. Colin called them again and again but they did not receive his calls. Colin grew suspicious, he kept on doubting that something bad had happened or maybe they were involved in an accident or maybe they were mugged, all kinds of negative thoughts crossed through his mind. He decided to visit Luna’s and Ted’s apartment to see what was wrong. As he headed towards their apartment, he prayed to god for his friend’s well being.

To Colin’s dismay both of them were alright, hail and hearty , fit as a horse and they were stuck to their mobile phones and yelling at their screens. They didn’t even made it to the washroom to bathe and thus, they were stinking like rotten meat. The apartment was an absolute mess-clothes lying on the floor, garbage still in the garbage can, last night’s pizza on the kitchen counter , soda bottles spilled on the carpet, the couch filled with chips and chocolates ,the kitchen sink filled with dirty utensils and what not. It was equivalent to a dumping ground.

Colin got so angry that both of them ghosted him and blew their plan off just be stuck to their phones. He addressed them as smelly rats and expressed his disbelief and anger, to which, they ignored him and asked him to chill. They also told Colin that they had completely forgotten about their lunch plans and were not even sorry about it. Colin turned red in a fit of rage and started yelling at them for stranding him alone at an upscale restaurant.

Luna then took a break and asked Colin to join them. Colin huffed with sarcasm and said that he would never be stuck to  his phone like them and he inquired about what actually kept them busy, to which Luna replied that they were playing an online game, that is, FIFA. Colin rolled his eyes and inquired that these online games require cheat codes and coins, so from where did they get those. Ted took a break from his game and told Colin about fifa coin generator and how it is used. Colin was fascinated and finally agreed to join Ted and Luna in playing and procrastinating.

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