How To Make a Girl Fall For You

Believe it or not, most boys get closer to girls not just for friendship. While the initial moments of the connection may seem like friendship, there is always some attraction for the opposite sex. Most girls will agree to the fact that most of their romantic relationships began with innocent friendships.

Some people deny this attraction factor between boys and girls. But, the truth is that most of the times the attraction happens on a subconscious level, which means that you may not even be aware that you are attracted to someone.

One of the factors that keep boys from expressing their love interest is the fear of rejection. This is the reason for boys to resort to indirect means to express their love.

It’s normally the case now that a guy doesn’t approach a girl directly and declare his feelings. That is creepy for most girls. The guy first tries to fit into the girl’s circle of friends. He makes efforts to appear friendly to everyone. This kind of behaviour wins the approval of her friends and at the same time provides cover for his real intentions. At one point when the girl has become comfortable with the guy’s presence, the guy moves on to take the next step.

This step is very crucial as it can make you get into a relationship or get you out of it. There are three different approaches here. You need to figure out which one is the best for you.

Method 1. Make her feel comfortable

One way to get things happening is for the guy to give constant attention to the girl. If the girl begins sharing about herself and gets more comfortable, the guy shows interest and makes efforts to do things for her. The girl notes this as gentleness which ultimately changes into confidence on the guy. Generally, mutual feelings start to grow at this phase. Eventually, as the guy senses that the girl has grown closer to him, he makes his next move.

Method 2. Gain her empathy

Another indirect way to go about this is to take advantage of the girl’s nurturing nature. Girls are more empathic and they get concerned when they find someone in pain. A guy makes his approach by sharing his problem to the girl. This “problem” could be true or just made up. In most cases, guys share their sob story about a past relationship. The girl unknowingly starts developing a soft corner for the guy without even realizing it. When the guy senses this, he makes his next move.

Method 3. Tease and praise

There is another effective way to do this. This is the “tease and praise method”. The guy goes on a teasing spree and constantly passes irritating comments about the girl’s looks and behaviour. The idea is to make the girl self-conscious about her looks. After a few days, the girl gets low on self-esteem concerning her looks. She may even make efforts to look better. This is when the guy makes the next move and starts praising her at every opportunity. This unexpected boost of self-esteem from the guy’s praises will put the girl on an emotional roller coaster ride. She will want the teasing to stop and for the praises to continue.

In all these cases, the guy gets the advantage of deniability as he doesn’t directly approach the girl. No one can claim that he is dating the girl in any of these cases. He can always say that he’s just a “friend.” However, these methods are all very efficient. Try them if you want to find out more.

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