Most Popular Dog Breeds From Belgium

Belgium is habitat to some of the outstanding husbandry and training dogs in the world. A dog is a creation of its atmosphere, specifically trained to perform duties that suit the atmosphere. It’s the atmosphere that forms the dogs of the nation. Belgium is a magnificent nation with lush coastal plains, the fertile central plateau and heavily forested mountains of the Ardennes. It’s really no wonder that almost all Belgian breeds of dogs are herding and training style animals, particularly well suited to this wonderful place. Here are the most common breeds of dogs from Belgium.

Belgian Shepherd

There are currently four species referenced as the “Belgian Shepherd,” but the one quite popularly referred to as the great “Belgian Shepherd” is the Groenendael. The Malinois is often a short-coated form of the Belgian Shepherd. Though they started, like all the others, as domesticating dogs, they became the most widely utilized dogs in law enforcement and military activities in countries across the globe. Groenendaels are profoundly attached to their family and can suffer extreme detachment anxieties if kept isolated for too long – even employed Groenendaels didn’t relax outside and inwards apart from their family members.


The Schipperke is a Belgian spitz-type breed used during the domestication of lambs. They became first recognized as a standardized species earlier in the 1880s, and their classification was first published in 1889. They are active dogs that excelled in a range of dog activities and even make outstanding ratters. When learning about the schipperke temperament, the Schipperke has a cunning and persistent personality that has won them weird names such as the “Tasmanian Black Devil” or the Little Black Devil.” 

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels griffon is just a small animal whose roots are ratters and stable breeds of the hansom cab drivers of Belgium. Such local dogs were crossed with exotic small breeds, such as pugs and King Charles Spaniels, and eventually evolved into another wide-eyed, round-headed Brussels griffon everyone currently knows. The Brussels Griffon has been used to kill rats as well as other vermin from the stables. Overall the ages, the success of the Brussels griffon have fluctuated wildly. It may have hit its highest height at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Bouvier des Flandres

From domesticating sheep, we just go into an animal trained for herding cattle – bouvier des Flandres simply means “Flanders cow herder.” The species originally came in the temple of Ter Duinen, where all the priests cross-pollinated Irish wolfhounds as well as Scottish deerhounds to local farm pups unless an appropriate livestock dog has been produced. The wholly grown bouvier des Flandres can reach nearly 1 meter tall and weighs 40 kg (over 6 stones). But considering the big size, they could be friendly and obedient with a friendly disposition, and their herd-protective nature makes them community pet protectors.

Belgian Tervuren

The third type of Belgian shepherds, the Belgian Tervuren, is however called for the region from which it emerged in Belgium. It is deemed the much more sophisticated of the Belgian german shepherds, with a dense double coat in different hues of mahogany and dark. Although recognized as sheepdogs, the very first Belgian Tervurens had rather specific tasks. The founding pair of the race was operated by a farmer, and the man moved a beer wagon throughout the day and kept the brewery at midnight. Since then, those watchdog impulses have remained with the species, and Tervurens have been used for law enforcement in local Belgium.

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