Easy Ways To Earn Money While Staying At Home In Dubai

Due to the arrival of this pandemic in the year 2020, many people were searching for jobs while they were locked in their homes. That period made everyone realize that people can even earn money while sitting at home from their laptop, mobile, or desktops. People who were stuck in other countries found it really difficult to survive as many people became jobless in that period and some of the people were not even employed. 

For people who were stuck in the Saudi region or in cities like Dubai, there are certain jobs that can bring lots of money for you while working from home itself. Even though many workplaces are open now, there is no guarantee about the future. So, better prepare a backup plan to earn something even when you are at home. The jobs mentioned here pay people even more than the actual jobs sometimes and you can calculate it with the help of the Dubai Salary Calculator if you are a working professional from Dubai. Let’s talk about those jobs then, read down about such jobs and choose the best job that you can do in your free time.

Youtube Videos

YouTube does pay to individuals who post videos on their channels based on the amount of viewership they have. You need to start by creating videos first. These videos can be about anything that you think people would like to watch. The most common ones being videos that teach cooking, baking, painting, make-up tutorials, stitching, product reviews, dance, latest technologies, and the list goes on and on. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money and to monetize one’s talent. Especially when people are sitting at home, they are very enthusiastic about learning new things.


Blogging can be done through various means such as WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube, or Blogger.  A professional blogger is one who has monetized their audience and blogs very regularly on their website. One can generate reviews through blogging by advertising, donations, content subscriptions, consulting, etc. People who blog for a company do it as a part of their employment and are often called content marketers. Both of these are great ways to earn money online. Blogging can be a very demanding and difficult stream of job initially and probably won’t pay you much for a few months. But if you are consistent, you can do wonders. Blogging can be the best way to make loads and loads of money online. 

Transcription Work

This job does not require much training or expertise. Anyone who has a good listening capacity and fast typing speed can do this. A transcriptionist basically converts speech (live or recorded) into a text. Medical professionals, businessmen, or legal areas require transcription services. In order to work in medical or legal fields, you need a certain degree/certificate to be eligible for the position. But to be a transcriptionist for a researcher or a journalist, no degree as such is required. There are various transcriptionists’ jobs available online that can be done from home. You can even register on websites such as www.transcribeme.com, www.rev.com, GMR transcription, etc to become freelancers.


 Freelance writers produce whatever text is demanded by their clients. They can have multiple clients and keep hopping between different genres of writing; according to the demand. There are various content writing opportunities available online that are ready to pay a generous amount if you are good at the job. You are essentially not an employee of any company but are working on your own. One can pick their area of expertise and a time that is most suitable for them. It is one of the best ways to earn money for youngsters who have a knack for writing.

Search Health Food Stores Near You

The society nowadays has levied immense pressure on the boys and girls nowadays to look a certain way. The beauty standards that are formed by the mindset of the society are unachievable in it’s true sense. Rather, the standards of beauty in the eyes of the so called people of the society are nothing but a reflection what they themselves could not achieve, hence, they try to levy the same thing on young minds which put them under immense pressure and a lot of stress. Nowadays, I have seen increasing cases of eating disorders like Anorexia, Bulimia, etc. These eating disorders are no more a rare phenomena as it is spreading like wildfire. The people suffering from this disorder usually starve themselves to achieve a desiarble body shape and the obsession about it is so much that such people do not even realize that by doing this they are stopping themselves to get the nutrients that their body needs to function and grow properly.

There are many girls who starve themselves to achieve the body they have seen on a model or they have seen on Instagram, they workout two times a day or sometimes even three times, working out so intensely without providing your body with the appropriate amount of nutrients will lead to them loosing whatever fat they have left, resulting in a slimmer figure and toned body. The problem here lies with the mindset that they have grown in or the mindset they have witnessed. It is evident by the advertisements we see or the movies we see, the actresses who are as thin as a stick are considered beautiful,as per the standards. The girls with a thick figure or a voluptuous body is simply considered as ugly or not suitable according to the so called beauty standards.

Being a survivor of eating disorder myself, I suggest every girl to not starve themselves in order to attain that figure, no matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter what you think, if your body lacks proper food, you will not be able to sustain happiness. Even if you are able to achieve your goals, you will not be happy and would surely want more, you would plunge into this darkness from where coming out is very difficult, I was lucky enough to have a very supportive family and an amazing therapist.

Being a resident of Sacremento, I would suggest that search for a health food store Sacremento as they are the best, gather all the healthy food that you like, plan your daily diet and eat according to the nutrients your body requires. It is a fact that eating healthy and exercising in adequate amount makes your mind as well as body fit. You just have to be careful that no matter what society says, you are beautiful. Thin, fat, dark, fair, short, tall all of this are only labels and at the end of the day, everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Brother Saves Life

“Your body is your home , your vessel in life. It needs to be respected and loved”-Iskra Lawrence

Bianca Simpkins is a seventeen year old high school girl. She lives with her parents, Mr and Mrs Simpkins and her younger brother Graham Simpkins in Montreal, Canada. She is a beautiful, stunning girl with serious ambitions and surely possess the strength and will power to fulfill them. Although Bianca seems to be s strong girl, she considers herself weak and not deserving of attention and love because she is a plus size girl. Bianca is very under confident and meek because of the weight she has. She feels ugly and disregarded because of her weight and thus, she is bullied in her school and sometimes, even by her parents.

Bianca has tried several things to lose her weight, like, crash diets, gymming, exercise, yoga and what not, but she was not able to lose weight. , She tried to shed it off so hard that she starved herself and therefore, was admitted to the hospital twice because of starvation, dehydration and exhaustion.  The sad part of Bianca’s life was that she herself was not aware that she was stunning. She could not see herself in the mirror because she was disgusted by her weight, she listened to the people who bullied her because she thought that they were right. Her brother Graham was the only one who thought Bianca was beautiful the way she was, he tried to motivate her everyday by saying nice things to her, but their parents always shunned Graham because they thought that Bianca would stop trying to lose weight and they further insulted Bianca thinking that it might motivate her to work harder.

One day, Bianca was going down the hallway to the canteen, she saw a bench in between to sit, that bench was purposely left empty because the kids of her class unscrewed it as a prank so that it breaks when Bianca would sit on it and things happened the same way as those notorious students wanted , as soon as Bianca sat on it, the bench broke and Bianca fell down, she was embarrassed of herself (as she though it was because of her weight) and hence, she ran out of the school towards her home. No one was at home as her parents were working and then, she thought of the unthinkable, she thought of committing suicide, as she wanted this embarrassment to be over, she made up her mind and thought of hanging herself from a rope, so she went into her brother’s room to get one, she frantically searched every nook and corner of the room and while searching for the rope, she found her brother’s assignment, it was an essay on ‘My Inspiration’ and Bianca saw her own picture on it. She stopped herself and read it, she had tears in her eyes, she never knew that she was a role model for her brother, she never knew that her resilience was what inspired her brother to be a better person. Just by reading this article, something changed in Bianca, she thought of getting counselling sessions for her self esteem and when she did, she changed for good.

Bianca was now a  much confident, strong and body positive woman, now she did not let people’s words affect her and as she grew confident herself as well as stopped feeling sorry about herself, people started changing too, they stopped teasing her and started treating her with respect. Bianca overcame her fear of getting teased and started a body positive fashion Instagram page which began with a sweet picture of Graham and her with an emotional brother caption. Although she still had some anxieties, she thanked Graham for starters because indirectly he was the one who pulled her out of her low point and drove her to love herself as she was.


Fifa Coin Generator Saves Friendship

Luna , Colin and Ted are best of friends and colleagues in an IT firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They do everything together, work together , have lunch together, they do stay backs together and Luna and Ted even stay together in an apartment. Colin lives with his parents as his mother’s health is not that good. Luna and Ted hang out with each other even on  weekends and call Colin to spend time with them.They usually went to dinners, enjoy amusement parks, go to the mall, play arcade games, Netflix and chill on weekends. They were absolutely inseparable.
One weekend the three of them made a plan of having lunch in a famous restaurant,which they wanted to book since a very long time.  So Colin reached there right on time and patiently waited for the two. He waited for about two hours but neither Luna nor Ted showed up. Colin called them again and again but they did not receive his calls. Colin grew suspicious, he kept on doubting that something bad had happened or maybe they were involved in an accident or maybe they were mugged, all kinds of negative thoughts crossed through his mind. He decided to visit Luna’s and Ted’s apartment to see what was wrong. As he headed towards their apartment, he prayed to god for his friend’s well being.

To Colin’s dismay both of them were alright, hail and hearty , fit as a horse and they were stuck to their mobile phones and yelling at their screens. They didn’t even made it to the washroom to bathe and thus, they were stinking like rotten meat. The apartment was an absolute mess-clothes lying on the floor, garbage still in the garbage can, last night’s pizza on the kitchen counter , soda bottles spilled on the carpet, the couch filled with chips and chocolates ,the kitchen sink filled with dirty utensils and what not. It was equivalent to a dumping ground.

Colin got so angry that both of them ghosted him and blew their plan off just be stuck to their phones. He addressed them as smelly rats and expressed his disbelief and anger, to which, they ignored him and asked him to chill. They also told Colin that they had completely forgotten about their lunch plans and were not even sorry about it. Colin turned red in a fit of rage and started yelling at them for stranding him alone at an upscale restaurant.

Luna then took a break and asked Colin to join them. Colin huffed with sarcasm and said that he would never be stuck to  his phone like them and he inquired about what actually kept them busy, to which Luna replied that they were playing an online game, that is, FIFA. Colin rolled his eyes and inquired that these online games require cheat codes and coins, so from where did they get those. Ted took a break from his game and told Colin about fifa coin generator and how it is used. Colin was fascinated and finally agreed to join Ted and Luna in playing and procrastinating.

How does content go viral?

Content marketing is a buzzword that you get to hear a lot these days. There are professions that revolve around content creation and content curation. There are also careers based on content analysis and content strategizing. In this post, we are particularly going to talk about the process of content strategizing. There are many people in the content space and there are millions, if not billions of content pieces that go into the world wide web every single day.

If you are not blown by these numbers, you need to do some research about the internet world that existed a couple of years back. The internet has expanded manifolds in recent years. One of the biggest reasons for the boom of internet content is its relevance to the real world. If someone finds a video, audio or written content relatable, there is a high chance of that content piece getting shared. This is true for all the platforms out there.

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If you want to know the basics behind viral content, we have got you covered. There are many things that go behind creating a viral piece of content. The most effective ones are mentioned below:

1. Create content that evokes emotions

When creating content for social media, make sure to have an emotional element in it. There has been a lot of research behind viral content and it has been found that nothing works better than evoking human emotions. It works like magic. You can create a lot of content and there will be times when making the content just becomes easier. This happens as you keep creating content and keep testing each piece of content as to how it works and the number of views or readership.

2. Make content relevant to the trends

Look for the trending topics on the internet and make content related to the topic. This is a technique that works many times. We have seen videos getting viral after they make content related to some or other topics that are already popular on the internet. People are interested in hot topics and if you can offer them what they want, they are going to spread it further. This is how you make your content go viral.

3. Take the services of SEO companies

When I was in India, there were so many times when I used to wonder how people lived in such diversity. The diversity of Indians showed in their content as well. Trust me, India is one of the top countries to produce and circulate viral content. To find out the science behind the viral content in India, I did a little research. I visited some of the best SEO companies in India to learn about the trend of viral content in India. The top best SEO companies in India are such that they could compete with global leaders. Some of them are known for being the pioneers of viral content marketing in India and the world. So, this helped me conclude that SEO companies can help you in making your content go viral.

Why do you need insurance

Have you ever thought of buying insurance? Is it even worth it? What is the importance of buying insurance? In this post, I will discuss the importance of buying an insurance policy in one’s life and what benefits you could avail from it. So, continue with this article to find more information.

I do not intend to scare you or create any panic in your mind but in today’s harsh world any tragic event or accident can wipe out all your wealth and savings that you have earned by years of hard work. However, you should not be disheartened by thinking about tragic events that are not very likely to happen, but yet you must be prepared for the worst. A proper insurance policy taken at the right time might prove to be a blessing for you at strenuous times. Having the right type of insurance assures you of not losing your savings to any catastrophic event that might take place in your life, and also, most importantly it gives you security and peace of mind.

Now that you know the importance of buying insurance, let us discuss some of the types of insurances that are commonly bought by people nowadays. Since I am residing in the UAE, so I will try to give you some basic information about the types of insurances bought in the UAE as well as the names of some of the best insurance companies in the UAE.

1. Life Insurance

Life Insurance is basically a contract bond between you and an insurance company where the company promises to pay a sum of money to your nominated person on your demise in exchange for the premium amounts that you have paid during your policy period. Life insurance can be further classified into three types – Whole life insurance, Universal life insurance, and  Term life insurance. Zurich Insurance, AXA Insurance, MetLife Insurance are some of the renowned insurance companies in the UAE.

2. Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is basically an assurance given by the insurance company to cover all damages caused to or caused by your vehicle in the event of an accident. This insurance is further classified into three types – Two-wheeler insurance, Car insurance, and Commercial vehicle insurance. Some of the motor insurance companies with good claim settlement ratio in the UAE are AIG Car Insurance, Al Fujairah National Insurance Company, Oman Insurance Company, AXA Car Insurance, Noor Takaful, and Orient Insurance Company.

3. Health Insurance

Health Insurance assures to cover all your hospital bills in the event of any medical emergency you might face. The best thing about it is that it secures your bank account from being drained out by the heavy bills of private hospitals, in case you are being treated for serious medical conditions.  Health insurance is divided into 8 types – Individual Health Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Family Floater Insurance, Senior Citizen Health Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Maternity Health Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, and Preventive Health Care Plan. Some of the companies providing the best deals in health insurance in the UAE are AXA Gulf Insurance, Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Co., Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance Company, Emirates Insurance Company, and Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company.

I hope this article has cleared most of your doubts related to insurance. If you have any queries please let me know in the comment section.

A Mini Review About The Smashing Four Game

About Game

The smashing four games are being played by millions of people worldwide and it is one of the most popular strategy games ever made for mobile gaming platforms. The game came out somewhere in the mid of 2018 and it has been developed and published by Geewa. This is the most successful game for this franchise and after playing this game you might know as well why it became the most successful game for them.

The game rules are quite simple and the gameplay is very interesting yet very easy to understand. There are two teams who play against each other and try to defeat them as quickly as possible. There are four heroes in every team and they play in the game arena and after winning the game you get trophies and other game points as your rewards.

About Arenas

There are several arenas in the game starting from arena one which is named farm and it is the most basic arena where players can enhance their skills and learn how to play against the other teams. As the game progress and you move forward to the other arenas, the gameplay in arenas becomes more difficult and you have to develop a combination of heroes and a strategy to attack your enemy.

The most difficult arena is the last arena which is arena 9, named bambo castle. While playing in this arena you have to choose your most powerful combination of heroes as the player competing against you might have unlocked all the game potential by buying characters from the in-game store. So, if you have not upgraded your players recently in the game, try putting those players who are on the best in your deck.

About Heroes

With too many heroes in the gameplay, you might feel a little confused while choosing the best deck to put it into action against the enemies. To ensure your victory the best character cards should be chosen according to the arena. Choosing according to the arena is important as all the heroes have a unique ability and some even have some unique spells which can be good or bad, and putting the right hero in the right arena where he is at his best can be the best combination for you.

There are three categories of heroes, the first one is ordinary which has level 5 heroes and you can upgrade them by purchasing character cards from the in-game store. The second category has rare heroes, which have a level 3 rank and at the last, you got epic characters who are on level 1. As you progress through arenas, you get your heroes unlocked with every arena you clear.

About Game Currencies And Rewards

The game offers you many freebies like gems, trophies, gold, and coins as a reward and you can even buy them from the in-game store. The in-game store is not made for everyone as you have to purchase every single thing from that store so many people do not use the store to buy stuff. Instead, people use the hacks and modded apk version to collect all these things for free. Download smashing four mod apk with unlimited gems and can get anything you want from the in-game store because the gems are the rarest and most required currency of the game. After using this hack you can easily upgrade your characters.

Is Petit Brabancon the Perfect Pet?

Two girls Cady and Regina are talking about their respective families, Cady mentions that she lives with her mom and dad. Regina tells that she lives with her parents, her younger brother and the most wonderful pet of the world, Joy. Clearly, Regina was in awe of her pet and loved him to bits,she had her cellphone full of Joy’s photos and videos.

Regina couldn’t stop talking about Joy , so Cady finally asked her the much awaited question- “What is so wonderful about Joy that makes him so special?” Rachel smiled and said “I will surely tell you everything about him, now listen carefully.”

Regina said-” Joy is a Petit Brabancon, he is a small dog”. Cady interrupted Regina and asked, “Which breed is this? Tell me about petit brabancon dog. How is it like? How is the temperament like?” Regina was bewildered with so many questions from Cady, so she continued, “This breed originated from Belgium,in the nineteenth century and it was used to catch rodents in stables in Belgium. Eventually, this breed caught the attention of the French and Belgian royalty like Queen Henrietta Maria and Queen Astrid. The Brussels Griffon was mated with the Pug ,which resulted in the Petit Brabancon, the smooth-coated variety of the Brussels Griffon. ”

” As far as his temperament is considered, he has an endearing personality, his adorable looks alone demand affection and love. He is extremely smart, playful,loving and sensitive, he adjusts well in my small home and is closely bonded with all of us. He showers all of us with kisses and licks every time , also, in case a stranger shows up, he is shy and comes and sits in our lap, which means he doesn’t want to be taken away from us. He is a one owner dog. He is so cute that he starts getting separation anxiety whenever we are not around him, he just doesn’t want us to go away from him. He also doesn’t like when we scold him or yell at him if he messes things up, he loves when we love and adore him. He is such an intelligent pup that we need to engage him with commands ,which he understands quite easily, otherwise he gets demotivated and disconnected. He is so possessive about his toys and us that he does not share his toys with any other dog and if I pet any other animal, he gets possessive and he barks on them. He is so energetic that he always accompanies my brother and I on walks and he plays with us with full enthusiasm. We play fetch, boomerang, catch together every evening. His company is so therapeutic that many of my elder neighbors ,whom he identifies, spend time with him when they need a pleasant change in their routines. Also he is such a good boy because he never throws a fit while eating, his enjoys eating whatever we offer him, but his favorite food is meat, vegetables, cereals and dairy. He always keep his coat and surroundings clean and he never messes up with our stuff. Do I need to tell you any more reasons because I can continue forever.”

Cady replies- “Now I can’t wait to meet Joy, you have named him appropriately though, he is the joy of your life.Now even I want a dog like him.”

The Underrated luxuries of life

There are millions of things that make this life amazing. When you take the time to look around, you will find that there are things that account for your happiness. These are the everyday things that you take for granted. There are many reasons to feel good but our mind naturally goes towards negativity. 

We focus more on what we lack in our life. But, in reality, there is so much abundance in our life that we can be the happiest person we know. Sounds too good to be true? But, it is true.

Here are some of the underrated luxuries of life that are free of cost. Often, we have them and we choose to overlook them for some reason or the other.


  1. Family and friends

There have been studies done on human behavior with regards to family and community. It has been found that it plays an important role in the upliftment of the human mind and body. For centuries, there was this misconception about human psychology that humans are capable of spending their lives alone. Several studies have revealed that it is not true. Humans have always been social animals who value companionship and human connections more than anything else. Being with your loved ones is one of the greatest blessings and a luxury that you simply can’t afford to lose. The quicker you acknowledge this truth, the happier you will become.

  1. Having a place to call home

There are seven billion people on this planet, three billion of which do not have a place to call home. If you have a roof above your head, please consider yourself lucky. There is rarely something that can beat this feeling. You have to make sure that whatever situation you are in, you need to have a place where you can come back. You need your comfort space. It is one of the luxuries that many people do not acknowledge. Many people crib and cry on petty things when there are bigger problems in the world. If you have a home, you have one of the greatest luxuries of life.

  1. Fireplace to keep warm

If you live in a cold region, I consider you lucky. As a child, I used to go to live with my grad[arents in the mountains. The best thing about those vacations was the experience of feeling the warmth coming from the fireplace placed in one of the rooms. Sitting with the family around a fireplace and having random conversations is one of the greatest joys of my life. Though I have the best Econo heaters now, there is nothing like the fireplace at my grandma’s place. The best Econo heaters do keep me warm but they don’t bring that warmth in my face that I felt listening to the stories shared by my grandfather sitting near the fireplace. Yes, having a fireplace is certainly one of the many luxuries that have been underrated in our lives.

Most Popular Dog Breeds From Belgium

Belgium is habitat to some of the outstanding husbandry and training dogs in the world. A dog is a creation of its atmosphere, specifically trained to perform duties that suit the atmosphere. It’s the atmosphere that forms the dogs of the nation. Belgium is a magnificent nation with lush coastal plains, the fertile central plateau and heavily forested mountains of the Ardennes. It’s really no wonder that almost all Belgian breeds of dogs are herding and training style animals, particularly well suited to this wonderful place. Here are the most common breeds of dogs from Belgium.

Belgian Shepherd

There are currently four species referenced as the “Belgian Shepherd,” but the one quite popularly referred to as the great “Belgian Shepherd” is the Groenendael. The Malinois is often a short-coated form of the Belgian Shepherd. Though they started, like all the others, as domesticating dogs, they became the most widely utilized dogs in law enforcement and military activities in countries across the globe. Groenendaels are profoundly attached to their family and can suffer extreme detachment anxieties if kept isolated for too long – even employed Groenendaels didn’t relax outside and inwards apart from their family members.


The Schipperke is a Belgian spitz-type breed used during the domestication of lambs. They became first recognized as a standardized species earlier in the 1880s, and their classification was first published in 1889. They are active dogs that excelled in a range of dog activities and even make outstanding ratters. When learning about the schipperke temperament, the Schipperke has a cunning and persistent personality that has won them weird names such as the “Tasmanian Black Devil” or the Little Black Devil.” 

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels griffon is just a small animal whose roots are ratters and stable breeds of the hansom cab drivers of Belgium. Such local dogs were crossed with exotic small breeds, such as pugs and King Charles Spaniels, and eventually evolved into another wide-eyed, round-headed Brussels griffon everyone currently knows. The Brussels Griffon has been used to kill rats as well as other vermin from the stables. Overall the ages, the success of the Brussels griffon have fluctuated wildly. It may have hit its highest height at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Bouvier des Flandres

From domesticating sheep, we just go into an animal trained for herding cattle – bouvier des Flandres simply means “Flanders cow herder.” The species originally came in the temple of Ter Duinen, where all the priests cross-pollinated Irish wolfhounds as well as Scottish deerhounds to local farm pups unless an appropriate livestock dog has been produced. The wholly grown bouvier des Flandres can reach nearly 1 meter tall and weighs 40 kg (over 6 stones). But considering the big size, they could be friendly and obedient with a friendly disposition, and their herd-protective nature makes them community pet protectors.

Belgian Tervuren

The third type of Belgian shepherds, the Belgian Tervuren, is however called for the region from which it emerged in Belgium. It is deemed the much more sophisticated of the Belgian german shepherds, with a dense double coat in different hues of mahogany and dark. Although recognized as sheepdogs, the very first Belgian Tervurens had rather specific tasks. The founding pair of the race was operated by a farmer, and the man moved a beer wagon throughout the day and kept the brewery at midnight. Since then, those watchdog impulses have remained with the species, and Tervurens have been used for law enforcement in local Belgium.