Is Petit Brabancon the Perfect Pet?

Two girls Cady and Regina are talking about their respective families, Cady mentions that she lives with her mom and dad. Regina tells that she lives with her parents, her younger brother and the most wonderful pet of the world, Joy. Clearly, Regina was in awe of her pet and loved him to bits,she had her cellphone full of Joy’s photos and videos.

Regina couldn’t stop talking about Joy , so Cady finally asked her the much awaited question- “What is so wonderful about Joy that makes him so special?” Rachel smiled and said “I will surely tell you everything about him, now listen carefully.”

Regina said-” Joy is a Petit Brabancon, he is a small dog”. Cady interrupted Regina and asked, “Which breed is this? Tell me about petit brabancon dog. How is it like? How is the temperament like?” Regina was bewildered with so many questions from Cady, so she continued, “This breed originated from Belgium,in the nineteenth century and it was used to catch rodents in stables in Belgium. Eventually, this breed caught the attention of the French and Belgian royalty like Queen Henrietta Maria and Queen Astrid. The Brussels Griffon was mated with the Pug ,which resulted in the Petit Brabancon, the smooth-coated variety of the Brussels Griffon. ”

” As far as his temperament is considered, he has an endearing personality, his adorable looks alone demand affection and love. He is extremely smart, playful,loving and sensitive, he adjusts well in my small home and is closely bonded with all of us. He showers all of us with kisses and licks every time , also, in case a stranger shows up, he is shy and comes and sits in our lap, which means he doesn’t want to be taken away from us. He is a one owner dog. He is so cute that he starts getting separation anxiety whenever we are not around him, he just doesn’t want us to go away from him. He also doesn’t like when we scold him or yell at him if he messes things up, he loves when we love and adore him. He is such an intelligent pup that we need to engage him with commands ,which he understands quite easily, otherwise he gets demotivated and disconnected. He is so possessive about his toys and us that he does not share his toys with any other dog and if I pet any other animal, he gets possessive and he barks on them. He is so energetic that he always accompanies my brother and I on walks and he plays with us with full enthusiasm. We play fetch, boomerang, catch together every evening. His company is so therapeutic that many of my elder neighbors ,whom he identifies, spend time with him when they need a pleasant change in their routines. Also he is such a good boy because he never throws a fit while eating, his enjoys eating whatever we offer him, but his favorite food is meat, vegetables, cereals and dairy. He always keep his coat and surroundings clean and he never messes up with our stuff. Do I need to tell you any more reasons because I can continue forever.”

Cady replies- “Now I can’t wait to meet Joy, you have named him appropriately though, he is the joy of your life.Now even I want a dog like him.”

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